Annealing and tempering of steel

Do you want a heat treatment for an optimal result? Let TopSteel take care of it: you can buy steel from us with the perfect properties due to the annealing and tempering of steel – an ideal solution for your company or activity.

Heat treatment is

In addition to melting and forging, heat treatment is essential. It ensures you get the desired mechanical and technical properties in the steel that is produced. 

30 furnaces for your production needs

We have more than 30 furnaces available to carry out suitable high-quality heat treatments. We carry out all common annealing, quenching and tempering processes to the tightest temperature tolerances.

Steel at the customer’s request

You can find solutions for steel at TopSteel for every possible application and operational field. Heat treatment gives you exactly the steel you need for your application.

The proces of annealing and tempering of steel

Steel has to meet ever more stringent requirements, and requests for specific properties are increasingly common. To achieve these high standards, you need technology such as steel annealing and tempering. Our team of experts keep their finger on the pulse to ensure the right solution and take advantage of innovations and new developments.

Steel annealing and hardened steel: benefits to you

  • Bespoke mechanical and technical properties.
  • Production to the tightest temperature tolerances.
  • High-quality end product.
  • Custom steel.

Ask our experts for advice

Need advice? Ask us for more information about annealing and tempering of steel. We’ll be happy to help with your custom steel requirements. Together with you, we’ll look for the ideal form you need in your business.

Would you like to know more? Please ask us for advice, we are happy to help you.

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