Non-standard steel and structural steel

Are you looking for non-standard steel products? For a wide range of applications? To suit your needs and requirements? TopSteel offers construction companies and wholesalers the steel products that exactly meet their specific requirements. We also have solutions for bending pipes, sheets and profiles. We supply forged and cast pieces too. Need advice? Ask us for more details. We’ll be happy to help with your non-standard steel product requirements.

A non-standard steel product for any application

Strong, hard steel? Steel that can be shaped under cold and hot conditions? Other requirements? Non-standard steel products are exactly what you need for your activity or company. A very wide range of applications can be involved, so together with you, we’ll look for the ideal composition you need in your business. You can count on a solution to your request.

Very tight delivery deadlines for your structural

Delivery times for our steel products are firm and the quality is guaranteed. We ensure that delivery deadlines are met, as this is essential for all the businesses we work with, from construction companies to rail operators and others. Ask us about the delivery time for your non-standard steel product.

Customisation for steel and structural steel

TopSteel delivers products tailored to the customer. Our reputation is growing, and we have the solutions in-house: from very simple to complex forms, you will get exactly what you require. We will investigate and analyse your request, and you can count on a solution that works; we can find a successful response to even the hardest queries. All non-standard steel products that we supply carry the necessary certificates.

Want to know more? Ask us for advice. We’ll be happy to help.

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