Extrusion profiles in steel

Steel extrusion profiles for increased output

Are you looking for extrusion profiles? You need steel extrusion profiles for your production operations? TopSteel Belgium can supply custom extrusion profiles, from simple to more complex designs. You can order exactly the steel profiles you need from us, with the perfect composition and alloy for your company or activity. Making the right choice of profiles guarantees your operational efficiency. Rely on our know-how and experience.

Custom extrusion profiles

TopSteel Belgium can deliver the extrusion profiles you need, according to your requirements or specifications. Even if you just need simple profiles, we are the right people too.

Perfect for your needs

The right tolerances and the precise steel grade are essential for your custom profiles. You can propose a design that will be made solely for you.

At the customer’s request

You can find solutions for steel at TopSteel Belgium for every possible application and operational field. We deliver profiles within the right tolerances in any steel alloy you want.

Hot-work extrusion

This technology is used to produce and shape steel profiles even for steel grades with low deformability. Steel profiles can thus be produced in various shapes, sizes and lengths.

How does it work?

A round steel billet is preheated, removed from the furnace and pushed through a mold so that it forms the desired steel profile. This is done with a press that has a force of several thousand tons. CAD and CAM systems are used to produce a profile that is tailored to the customer’s requirements right from the start.

Advantages of our extrusion profiles

  • Production of seamless solid and hollow profiles.
  • Limited costs for tools and prototypes.
  • Flexible minimum order quantity conditions.
  • Varying material thickness in the same cross-sectional profile.
  • A steel profile can always be produced, even for difficult forms.
  • Not just in steel but also in any steel alloy, including titanium, nickel, cobalt and chrome alloys.

Technical details and possibilities

  • Dimensions: circumference for hollow and solid profiles up to 255 mm; diameters for hollow profiles from 20 mm to 160 mm; minimum thickness 4 mm.
  • Weight per metre: from 1.5 kg/m to 110 kg/m.
  • Cross-sectional tolerances and straightness: to be agreed depending on the material and other factors; variations are possible.
  • Surface: as extruded, customised.
  • Materials and treatments: all required treatments are possible.

Our extrusion profiles – superb quality

  • To the highest standards and specific requirements.
  • Advice from our experts.
  • Product quality control.
  • The right tolerances and steel grades.
  • Precise composition to order.
  • In touch with the latest developments regarding technical properties of steel.

Ask us for more information and illustrations of specific tolerances for profiles.

Advice from our experts

Need advice? Ask us for more details about our extrusion profiles. We’ll be happy to help with your custom steel requirements. Together with you, we’ll look for the ideal design you need in your business. TopSteel Belgium works with leading supplier Siderval, the profiles and steel specialist.

Want to know more? Ask us for advice. We’ll be happy to help.

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