Custom cold-drawn steel profiles

Cold-drawn steel to suit your requirements

You need cold-drawn steel profiles or cold-drawn steel for very special forms? Let steel dealer TopSteel take care of it: you can buy cold-drawn steel profiles with the perfect shape for your company or activity. Just the way you want them. Making the right choice of cold-drawn profiles guarantees your operational efficiency. Rely on our know-how and experience.

Super-strong cold-drawn profiles

Cold-drawn profiles are stronger than hot-rolled profiles. Their hardness is achieved by mechanically stretching the steel. TopSteel ensures super-strong quality.

Round or rectilinear

The cold drawing process is perfect for profiles with non-flat forms. At your request, we can provide cold-drawn steel that’s ideal for your plans.

Steel at the customer’s request

You can find solutions for steel at TopSteel for every possible application and operational field. Cold-drawn steel is our solution for your requirements for special forms.

Advantages of our cold-drawn steel

  • Smooth, scaleless surfaces.
  • Complex geometries and sharp edges.
  • Accurate dimensions and tolerances.
  • Enhanced mechanical properties.
  • Enhanced metallurgical structure.

Production process of our cold-drawn steel profiles

Raw material – hot rolling – descaling, heat treatment, annealing – mechanical and chemical cleaning – blasting – phosphating – cold drawing (possibly back to descaling, etc.) – cutting to size – finishing – packaging and dispatch

Our cold-drawn profiles: consistent quality

  • To the highest standards and specific requirements.
  • Advice from our experts.
  • Quality control: product and production method.
  • Perfect for round or rectilinear forms.
  • Precise composition and tolerances to order.
  • In touch with the latest developments regarding technical properties of steel.

Advice from our experts

Need advice? Ask us for more details about our cold-drawn profiles. We’ll be happy to help with your custom steel requirements. Together with you, we’ll look for the ideal composition you need in your business.

Like to know more? Ask us for advice. We’ll be happy to help.

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