CS1 steel:
Good toughness and thermal shock resistance.

CS1 steel is a Cr-Mo-V alloyed hot-work tool steel with higher C content compared to TQ1. It is characterised by particularly high strength, hightemperature strength with simultaneously very high toughness and thermal shock resistance and is only manufactured in remelted version according to the ESU process.

  • Hightemperature strength.
  • Hightemperature toughness .
  • Thermal shock resistance.

CS1 is particularly suitable for loads above the limit of TQ1:

  • Extrusion presses: For specific pressures > 1000 MPa, heavy duty press stems, press disks and inner liners.
  • Drop forging.
  • Hot forming.

Physical properties of CS1

Temperature in °C20-10020-20020-40020-600
Thermal expansion in 10-6m/m x K11.812.513.213.4
Temperature in °C20200400
Thermal conductivity in W/m x K28.830.029.4
Temperature in °C20
Density in g/cm37.79
Temperature in °C20
E module in GPa213

Heat treatment

Soft annealingTemperature: 820 – 840 °C, 4 – 6 hrs.
Cooling: slow furnace cooling
Hardness: max. 230 HB
HardeningTemperature: 1010 – 1040 °C
Cooling: air, warm bath of approx. 540 °C, oil/polymer; Interrupt oil or polymer cooling at 230 – 280 °C or vacuum hardening
TemperingTemperature: 540 – 680 °C
Hardness: see tempering graph
Preheat before useTemperature: 150 – 350 °C

Graphs and datasheets of CS1




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