Steel 1.2888 - RM10Co

1.2888 - RM10Co steel:
extremely high tempering resistance

1.2888 – RM10Co steel is a high-alloy special steel with extremely high tempering resistance. RM10Co is suitable for particular requirements in respect of hightemperature wear resistance and resistance against molten metals.

Properties of steel type 1.2888 – RM10Co
  • Extremely high ontlaatbestendigheid.
  • Hightemperature wear resistance.
  • Resistance against molten metals.
  • Water cooling is not possible.
The most common applications for steel type 1.2888 – RM10Co are:
  • Tools for extrusion presses such as press dies for steel and heavy metal processing, as well as spider tools and frame tools for processing

    copper and its alloys.

  • Mould plates for brass pressure die-casting.
  • Valves.
  • Cores and filling sets.
  • Filling sets in magnesium die casting in hot chamber machines.
  • Hot extrusion presses for dies.
  • Punch for steel forming.

Physical properties of 1.2888 - RM10Co steel

Temperature in °C20-10020-20020-40020-600
Thermal expansion in 10-6m/m x K11.312.212.612.6
Temperature in °C20200400
Thermal conductivity in W/m x K20.524.227.5
Temperature in °C20
Density in g/cm38.08
Temperature in °C20
E module in GPa215

Heat treatment

Soft annealingTemperature: 840 + 760 °C
Cooling: slof furnace cooling
Hardness: max. 320 HB
HardeningTemperature: 1100 – 1150 °C
Cooling Hot strip of approx. 540 °C, Air or oil/polymer; Interrupt oil or polymer cooling at 250 – 300 °C or vacuum hardening
TemperingTemperature: 600 – 750 °C
Hardness: see tempering graph
Preheat before useTemperature: 150 – 350 °C

Graphs and datasheets of 1.2888 - RM10Co

1.2888 RM10Co steel

1.2888 RM10Co steel

1.2888 RM10Co steel

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