Steel 1.2885 - RPCo

1.2885 - RPCo steel:
High-temperature strength, tempering resistance .

1.2885 – RPCo steel corresponds to the steel RP with additional Co content. The high-temperature strength, tempering resistance and also high temperature wear resistance are increased.

properties of steel type 1.2885 – RPCo
  • High-temperature strength.
  • Good tempering resistance .
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Water cooling is possible.
The most common applications for steel type 1.2885 – RPCo are:
  • Extrusion press tools such as pressure dies and disks, die holders.
  • Extrusion punch heads for copper and copper alloys.
  • Impression dies, especially mandrel inserts for copper and copper alloys.
  • Piercer heads in steel pipe production.

Physical properties of 1.2885 - RPCo steel

Temperature in °C20-10020-40020-600
Thermal expansion in 10-6m/m x K11.512.012.2
Temperature in °C20200400
Thermal conductivity in W/m x K30.032.134.1
Temperature in °C20
Density in g/cm37.9
Temperature in °C20
E module in GPa215

Heat treatment

Soft annealingTemperature: 820 – 840 °C, 4 – 6 hrs.
Cooling: soft furnace cooling
Hardheid: max. 240 HB
HardeningTemperature: 1040 – 1060 °C
Cooling Oil or warm bath of approx. 540 °C, Interrupt oil quenching at approx. 200 – 300 °C or vacuum hardening
TemperingTemperatuur: 560 – 700 °C
Hardness: see tempering graph
Preheat before useTemperature: 150 – 350 °C

Graphs and datasheets of 1.2885 - RPCo

1.2885 RPCo steel

1.2885 RPCo steel

1.2885 RPCo steel

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